Home Concierge Services

Let us help you get things done. Something not on the list? Ask us:)


Home Management Services:

  • Sourcing and Management of Home Services: 
  • contractors, gardeners/landscapers, trades people, caterers,dog walkers, house cleaners, painters, repairmen, packers etc
  • Special event Planning and Arrangement;
  • birthday parties, dinner parties, house warming parties, baby showers, bridal showers etc


Home Assistance Services:

  • To do items 
  • fold laundry, errands, light vacuuming, car maintenance appt etc
  • Holiday Decorating
  • Decorating with what you have or shopping and planning for something new and special.
  • Entry/lock-up and Wait Services
  • for services and deliveries (phone, internet, cable, furniture delivery).
  • Grocery Shopping
  • also unpacking and filling the refrigerator before your arrival from travel or otherwise
  • Pick up/Drop off Services
  • dry cleaning, mail, food orders
  • Meal Planning and Preparation 
  • Family binder compilation
  • compliation of calendars, charts, and documents to keep your family organized


Home Assistance  for Travelers:

  • Home Checks for Travelers (Popular service!)
  • including watering plants, feeding animals, insurance home check requirements, mail collection and more.
  • Refresh Services (Add it to your home check service!)
  • including dusting, changing bed linens, filling refrigerator 


Home Organizational Services:

  • Decluttering and Space Organization
  • removal and redistribution of items, space optimization, beautification, potential sourcing of necessary products for storage and/or display  
  • Assistance with downsizing and estate organization
  • packing and posting, disposal, donation, recycling of unwanted items