When I was 10 years old I attended a dinner party with my family. When entering the bedroom of the Host family's daughter I was faced with a floor completely covered with belongings. It might not be every 10 year old's first thought, but my thought was, I can help. I sat myself down (after asking if it was wanted of course) and got to work sorting and organizing the room. Some undetermined time later (I was a kid after all), I was able to stand back and enjoy the transformation. It's been 28 years since that foretelling experience and I have tackled many more projects like that one and others of various kinds related to making a home. House sitting, decluttering, chore charts, painting and decorating, prepping for selling, getting spaces photo ready, tea parties, birthday parties, baby showers, small spaces planning, home office makeovers, and a love of wall decorating (see my shop for more about this). Home has always been my happy place and helping others achieve their goals in the home brings me so much joy and satisfaction, it was only natural that with my love of entrepreneurship, I would create Sweet Life Home Management.

Now I am not Marie Kondo or Martha Stewart, but I am someone who has proven she can persevere, treat others with dignity, and exhibit an eye for beauty and order that go above and beyond. It's why I chose the magnolia flower to represent Sweet Life Home Management- It symbolizes perseverance, dignity, and beauty. I hope you will allow me and my team, to join your journey whatever it may be. Your home will be in capable hands.

Jocelyn Christina, Owner/Founder